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Built by brokers, for brokers

Highwing’s Broker Operating System, or B.O.S., is the marketing platform for the broker of the future.


The B.O.S. helps brokers build applications quickly and create more accurate submissions faster by integrating policy information directly from AMS, enhancing it with 3rd party sources, and connecting directly with carrier underwriting systems.


The future is faster with Highwing


We see a future where you spend less time working through inefficient processes, and more time doing what you do best; building relationships and being a trusted advisor to your clients. 


Fewer unnecessary emails


Less redundant meetings


Days faster to bind coverage

Enhanced Insights

Highwing provides insights and analytics to allow brokers to move faster and provide better solutions to their clients.

Combining carrier appetite input with analytics, Highwing allows insurance professionals new insights into client leads in order to focus time and resources on the best opportunities.


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Next-Gen Submissions

Today, building submissions is a multi-application and multi-screen sport.

Highwing will provide a single application to pull together client information, exposure details, loss history and analysis, client coverage history, insurance applications, and other details needed to submit risks to market.

Today, Highwing makes it easy to attach, find, and share documents across multiple markets. Soon, one screen, one application to make sense of them all.

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Smart Policy Marketing

Highwing allows for insights into market interest, with appetite intelligence, placement history, and broker preferences to assist agents and brokers with quickly submitting risks to multiple viable markets.

Highwing’s digital communication tools remedy the challenge of back and forth emails, and insurance professionals can quickly understand context and collaborate with markets to bind the right coverage. Regardless of carrier technology, Highwing connects to all insurance markets with an eye for a full digital transaction on the horizon.


Broker Placements

Your Brokerage is unique. Your software should be too.  

Highwing’s open API technology is a gateway to easily connect information with where it needs to go without significant integration and customization.
API integrations with configurable tools at every stage of the submission process put insurance professionals in control of their workflows and relationships. 

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