Broker Solutions

Your business as a broker is changing rapidly, with increased competition, higher rates, and growing expectations from customers. Innovating to meet these challenges is crucial for continued profitable growth. In a time when speed and reliability is a necessity, your business can not work with fragmented data or complex workflows. 


Highwing helps brokers extract, transform, and load multiple sources of data into an accessible data warehouse for analysis, benchmarking, and more. Upcoming renewals are then exposed to Highwing carriers who use our Look at Book product to indicate appetite interest, enabling you to provide best-in-class service to your insureds so you retain and sell more business.

Our eSubmit product allows you to submit complex risk assessments and receive status updates on the underwriting process in real-time, helping you strengthen carrier partnerships, better serve your clients, and grow faster. 

With Highwing, commercial insurance moves faster and goes further.




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