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In Middle-Market and complex risk, it takes an average of 40 days from initial interest to bound business. This is far too long for anyone, especially your clients. At Highwing, we are making it faster. And we know that just 24 hours faster response time from carriers converts to 20% more bound policies.


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Marketing outreach reinvented.

Highwing lets you see policies and clients in force at leading broker partners up to a year in advance. Search, filter, and engage on opportunities that align with your appetite, and work on our platform or on yours; we meet your systems where they are best for you. Enriched data unlocks insights that allow you to strategically engage with your brokers.
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Digital Submissions

Say goodbye to messy email chains, that are impossible to follow.

Securely receive data-rich submissions directly into your underwriting workflows and route internally for faster response, more transparency, and increased collaboration. Highwing also gives you the option to respond to submissions in your system directly back to Highwing through our APIs.

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Strengthen Broker Relationships

Connect with your trading partners like never before.

By accessing broker policies and clients in force, and sharing appetite data back, you can forget about analyzing submissions that you are not interested in. From receiving structured data inputs directly to your underwriting platform, to providing status of applications to the broker in real-time, Highwing is built for speed.

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