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Identify profitable accounts within appetite 


Improve underwriting efficiency


Enhance broker relationships

Improve the Economics of Every Step of your Underwriting workflow

Highwing's Carrier H.U.B (Home for Underwriting and Business development) empowers carriers to move faster and more confidently.

In Middle-Market and complex risk, it takes an average of 40 days from initial interest to bound business. This is far too long for anyone, especially your clients. At Highwing, we are making it faster. And we know that just 24 hours faster response time from carriers converts to 20% more bound policies.


Highwing is trusted by the best carriers in the world

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Digital Transaction Integration: eSubmit

  • Middle Market specific eSubmit capabilities that meet you where you are in your digital journey
  • Communication support for additional information, statusing, etc.
  • Fully Structured digital transaction across all primary lines of business leading to faster turn around times, more informed underwriting and efficient communication.
  • Appetite API support - manual or digital support for Appetite, for broker desk users to understand up to date risk match opportunities.

Market Insights

Transparency and accessibility into the middle market like never before. Broker account information shared out pre renewal to help aid in winning the right business for strategic growth

  • 240 day outlooks across the HW ecosystem - conversations start early and are more informed across the trading relationship.
  • Show interest and let your trading partners know the business you want to win.
  • 40+ field standardized data model for analytic and reporting purposes across the HW broker partners
  • Insight into marketing and relationships, performance, behaviors and YOY trends that help to improve bottom line and ultimately the relationships that are most important to you.
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Connect with your trading partners like never before.

By accessing broker policies and clients in force, and sharing appetite data back, you can forget about analyzing submissions that you are not interested in. From receiving structured data inputs directly to your underwriting platform, to providing status of applications to the broker in real-time, Highwing is built for speed.


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