Carrier Solutions

Data has always been a crucial pillar of your business as a carrier, but outdated data and lengthy sales processes make new policy revenue growth difficult. Slow, error-prone application and renewal processes are causing brokers and carriers to miss opportunities and lose money on lengthy sales cycles, but it doesn't have to be this way.


Highwing helps carriers write business more efficiently and confidently. Our Look at Book product increases the efficiency of your sales & marketing function by providing visibility of upcoming renewals to facilitate renewals and new business development.

Available via the Highwing Carrier app or via a spreadsheet for interoperability with your existing systems, Look at Book makes it easier than ever to identify specific client renewals that meet your appetite.

Highwing also helps carriers form closer and more efficient relationships with brokers. Our ‘eSubmit’ product allows you to more efficiently process broker applications - from receiving a structured data input directly to the underwriting platform, to providing status of the application to the broker in real-time.

With Highwing, commercial insurance moves faster and goes further.




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