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Connected data powers systems as unique as you

Highwing’s marketing platform is the first open data system that brings brokers and carriers together for faster transactions and transparent communication while enabling integrations with best-in-class tools at every stage of the process and workflow. 

The era of massive standalone software programs is ending, and we are moving towards the era of mass optionality; a future powered by smaller, faster, more tailored tools to meet the broker and carrier strategy, where they are, now.

Open data doesn't mean losing privacy, open data means ownership of your data: you control what is shared, with whom, when, and where. This powers integrations, better workflows, faster innovation, new insights, and deeper context for your business. 

Highwing does this elegantly by catering to the software needs of the broker with our Broker Operating System and carrier software needs through our Carrier Suite.

Deeper Insights

Analytics powered by connected data provide new context to your business, clients, and markets

New Capabilities

API Integrations with best-in-class tools at every stage of the value chain mean tailored, agile systems

Faster Innovation

Connected data and streamlined workflows give brokers the agility to survive and thrive in today's market

Before Highwing

Today, interactions between Brokers and Carriers are conducted across a sea of disconnected systems: customer relationship management, email, agency management systems, e-signature tools, paper forms, and more. Lacking a centralized means for data processing and storage, the industry is reliant on human labor to scale its operations. In today’s landscape, not only is this approach unsustainable, it’s wrought with costly errors and omissions across every aspect of the transaction.


After Highwing

With Highwing, insurance data is organized, complete, and accessible in a cloud-based database enabling Brokers and Carriers to source new business, renew existing policies, and transact in a digital ecosystem. This empowers stronger relationships, improves client service, and creates an engine for sustainable growth.


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