Open Data Platform

As a commercial insurance provider, data has always played a key role in your business. And in today’s market, your ability to take control of your data and use it effectively is essential to your success. But if you’re relying on disconnected legacy systems and manual processes, your workflows are slow and your data is hard to access and trust. The question isn’t whether to innovate - it’s how to transform and where to start.


Highwing is leading commercial insurance into the open data revolution.

We built our Open Data Platform to handle the complex multi-line policy needs of middle-market commercial insurance brokers and carriers like you. With Highwing, you’ll gain the speed and flexibility you need to provide the deep insights and elevated service your customers want.

  • Easily access and exchange data
  • Streamline manual workflows
  • Expand value to customers
  • Grow book

With Highwing, commercial insurance moves faster and goes further.




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