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CFOs of Mid-Market Enterprises Spend Too Much Time Buying Insurance

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If you’re a commercial insurance professional, you’re part of an industry that has mastered time tested methods of doing business. Our industry has thrived because we’ve always nurtured customer relationships and anticipated their needs. We are constantly working to understand their business and be the trusted and reliable experts who help them effectively manage risk.

In an increasingly chaotic and uncertain world, our customers need our risk management expertise more than ever. But in this fast changing environment, it is harder than ever to maintain our role as trusted advisors. Doing so requires us to stay two steps ahead of our customers so we can help them navigate risks and quickly decide how to manage them. We need to be at least as agile as our customers - and the inefficient manual workflows that power the industry just aren’t keeping up.

Here at Highwing, we are on an obsessive search to equip the broker of the future for a world that feels more and more unpredictable every day.

And the market seems to agree that now is the time for the industry to innovate a faster, better buying experience. We talked to 225 CFOs of middle market enterprises to understand how the industry is keeping up with their risk management and insurance buying needs. CFOs are very ready for a faster and better insurance buying experience, and think innovative technology solutions are the answer.

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