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How to Crush Your Post Pandemic Marketing

How to Crush Your Post Pandemic Marketing

Has anyone ever told you “you need to be marketing using instagram” or that “hybrid events are the new normal” or maybe you've heard that “your marketing needs to tell a story.” 

We all want to do everything possible to reach new clients and grow our businesses, but when it comes to marketing, it feels like it’s never as easy as people make it out to be. 

Of course it would be awesome to have a million instagram followers that want to hear about your business, but how the heck are you going to do that as an insurance company? It feels like marketing advice is always about the outcomes and never about what’s actually practical.

Here’s the good news: we can see the light at the end of the COVID tunnel, and some of today’s top trends in marketing are things you can really excel at as a broker or carrier. The age of marketing being about new growth hacks or constant social media engagement are ending; it's all about relationships and community now; and that's something you know ALL about in this industry.

Let’s go over some of the most important trends in marketing according to top CMOs, what they mean for the insurance industry, and how you can (reasonably) get started. 


Focus on Digital Relationships

After the year we just had, people are starved for empathy and connection. Your marketing needs to provide this. Focus on community building over selling your products and services. Talk about who you are and how you help people, and maybe even share the stories of the people you help. 

It’s easy to focus on building a big audience or getting as many leads as possible, but a smaller, highly engaged community is where the value is. Brokers are great at making clients feel heard and secure, so let that shine in your marketing! Tell a story and engage in real conversations with your audience. Use the same deep understanding of your clients that you've always had to create deeper digital relationships.


Personalize Client Experience

There are so many new mediums for marketing and customer engagement, how do you choose the right ones? Easy! Don’t choose, let your customers choose.

Some people can't wait to shake your hand at that conference, but others might prefer joining a webinar. Some customers might love the convenience of text messages, but others will think that they are invasive. We get to personalize so much in our everyday lives, so why not our insurance relationships? When you listen to your audience and let them drive your marketing and communications, then they turn into loyal customers and advocates.

Is there a question you get asked by almost every lead on your first call? Awesome! Make a blog post about it. Are people asking questions about your services in your instagram comments? Do a Q&A on your story. People missing emails about meeting reminders? Ask them if they would prefer text notifications. 

Read more about how to drive innovation with stakeholder feedback here.


Be Ready for Smarter Digital Events

I, for one, could not be more excited to return to in person events. Shaking hands, speaking to an audience, and connecting people over a drink cant be replaced. Some people don't feel the same way. 

Here’s the thing: thinking about events as strictly digital versus in person is a mistake. Webinars through Zoom, video podcasting, or even Q&A sessions on Clubhouse are not necessarily a substitute, but an enhancement. 

Digital events are becoming smarter. While the excitement and impact of major conferences is here to stay, the way events are conducted has fundamentally changed. When you think about how your company is using event based marketing, think about what the client wants. Could you host a q&a for new clients over zoom or Clubhouse? Could you have digital recaps for in-person events? 

Digital relationships need to be built, and sometimes they might transform into in-person relationships. The trick is to avoid thinking of events as in person or virtual; think about how you can make them both.


Tell Your Story & Build Community

People are a little shell shocked after this past year. Who better to comfort them than the industry that covers their risk? To the average person, the insurance industry can still look a little boring. Let’s all agree to change that. Your brand isn't about what you sell, it's about what you do and who you do it with. 

People don't just want to know that they're covered, but they are worried about what the future holds. What will climate change do to my business? Are there geopolitical risks that I have no power to influence? What happens if my company is targeted by a cyber attack?

When you have built a community, show that you are responsive to their preferences and you connect with them wherever they are, then you can tell a much better story. What’s that story? That you are going to be there to explain risk now and in the future, no matter how complex or unexpected. You are there to help people stay informed and be stronger together.


Final Thoughts

Overthinking your marketing is an easy trap to fall into, but keep it simple. This isn't any different than any other communication we do with friends or family, so stop treating it like some obscure numbers game. Do what you do best: connect with people, build relationships, and help them get some peace of mind. If you tell your story, show real interest, and be empathetic, you will crush your marketing goals this summer.


Want to chat about how Highwing can help you eliminate mundane tasks so you have more time to build relationships, personalize experiences, and foster community? Let's get in touch.

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